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About Label C

Since May 2003 Constanze van der Vat is the proud owner of fashion agency Label C. With knowledge gained at multiple international brands such as: Custo, Freeman T.Porter, Cultura, Muchacha and Lollipops, she is a well experienced player in the fashion industry. 

In 2003 Constanze decided that it was time to build her own network of international brands and represent these on the Dutch market. Constanze believes in trendy, upcoming brands which have a short lead time. Label C is now located in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam, where we display the collections of our brands in two showrooms. 

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Our Perspective

At Label C we present you the hottest, newest and most appealing international brands, for the Dutch fashion market. These brands will add fun, playfulness, style and lots of colour into our daily lives. 

Because of our close collaboration with the brands, we are able to provide our customers with main collections and special Cash & Carry items. These Cash & Carry items are available in multiple size ranges and customers could take them right away. The Cash & Carry collections interchange almost weekly, this way we provide new and unique items to every customer.

Together with the Label C team, Constanze provides service with only familiar faces and personal contact. This way, we know all our customers specific preferences and can we guarantee to provide them with items suitable for their style and taste. 

We are always working on adding new interesting companies and brands to our network.