Hellen Batterr, a new generation brand, was born from a creative and entrepreneurial idea by Michele Muzio. Stylistic research, attention to the use of fabrics and innovative materials are the cardinal principles of the brand that makes “Made in Italy” its flagship.

Hellen Batterr is aimed at a female audience and through the fashion proposal with extremely fashionable content, she captures current trends. Strongly competitive pricing and distribution policies make this a successful reality in the fashion system.


Hellen Batterr shines the spotlight on a woman with a strong personality and an independent spirit. The Hellen Batterr woman is distinguished by her strong cool attitude and her cosmopolitan soul. Attentive to detail, eclectic, sophisticated and determined, she likes to be the center of attention, she knows how to dare decisively and chooses each of her outfits with extreme care, leaving nothing to chance! Each look tells a unique and irreplaceable story that comes to life from an irrepressible contamination of elements. Glamorous and urban chic details combined with intriguing prints communicate a dynamic and vibrant style. Sequins, ruches, lace and transparencies embellish the collection and give each garment a transgressive sensuality. The Hellen Batterr collection stands out for its ability to mix each of its elements for a raw and original style.