The view of the world, bodies, examples of beauty and therefore also our view of the world of fashion are changing. Today, the emphasis is on enhancing women’s bodies, regardless of their morphology, following the direction of the season’s trends and dictating new ones. Highlighting women through their collections is one of Mealys’ objectives. Her collections represent a woman who loves her body. The strength of Mealys plus size fashion is to feel comfortable and good about yourself. Mealys’ mission is to make the shopping experience the same for all women and to create clothing that is accessible to all. It is precisely for this reason that Mealys meets fashion needs for all types of physique. The world of curves is not new but a return to common sense and since 2018 Mealys has been creating clothes adapted to all female morphologies, attentive not only to the design of the collections but also to sustainability.

Mealys respects and knows how to respect. An eco-sustainable brand, which takes care of the environment and society in all its phases: from design to production, passing through distribution and sale, working with less polluting raw materials and reducing waste of production. Our headquarters, thanks to the concept of eco-sustainability, has acquired a new splendor by fully expressing the passion, constancy, precision, tenacity and stubbornness that each dress reveals. A healthy working environment which, to date, has created a collection with love, determination, style and creativity, conquering the plus size women’s universe.