Jhenit is a project born from the creative spirit of an all-female team, strongly desired by AM Style Srl, which for over a decade has been creating collections based on Made in Italy and on the enhancement of feminine curves.
Jhenit’s primary objective is to offer its consumers a style that is always contemporary, in line with the trends of the moment, but above all it wants to be the protagonist of the wardrobe of a seductive and dynamic woman, who is not afraid of her curves but wants to enhance them and does so. thanks to casual outfits for every day and more refined and glamorous looks for “important” moments.

The collections become an infinite journey in constant balance between possible worlds that coexist in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The starting concept is the exaltation of female beauty, which has a very specific origin: the most beautiful sinuosities of Mediterranean culture.
Attentive to the evolution of the Fashion System and of everyday life, Jhenit proposes a new language that speaks through colors, textures and shapes, breaking the mold.
Jhenit believes in women and beauty and knows how to make dreams come true.


Matching clothes may seem like a simple thing, but we don’t always manage to create the right look by combining clothing and colors well. 
I am Mironce, the woman everyone wants to have next to you and I am here to show you my collection of versatile and at the same time elegant garments that gives a unique and innovative style for women like us.

Mironce is at the heart of our peculiar woman model, Mironce integrates design, application, and sales, all through a wide collection of fashionable models able to always keep you in step with the times.


KIKISIX is the expression of what woman wants to be, herself embroidered in every little detail that covers her. The brand’s designer, with twenty years of experience, is able to satisfy every woman, from the most elegant and demanding to casual and sporty.

The heart and headquarters of KIKISIX is in Florence where are located the commercial and administrative offices, the logistics, the internal photographic studio and the marketing department.
The distribution centers are located in Bologna Centergross, Bari Casamassima, Roma Deca in Italy, Oporto in Portugal and Athens in Greece

The production is Made in Italy and is made directly by internal style office. 

The brand is distinguished by the innovative presence of vintage capsule collection, handcrafted by adapting real vintage garments, reworked and sewn according to current trends.

In Italy our brand is available in 650 multi-brand stores and also distributed in important way abroad, especially in Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia and Hong Kong.


Her collections represent a woman who loves her body. The strength of Mealys plus size fashion is to feel comfortable and good about yourself. Mealys’ mission is to make the shopping experience the same for all women and to create clothing that is accessible to all. It is precisely for this reason that Mealys meets fashion needs for all types of physique. The world of curves is not new but a return to common sense and since 2018 Mealys has been creating clothes adapted to all female morphologies, attentive not only to the design of the collections but also to sustainability.

Mealys respects and knows how to respect. An eco-sustainable brand, which takes care of the environment and society in all its phases: from design to production, passing through distribution and sale, working with less polluting raw materials and reducing waste of production. Our headquarters, thanks to the concept of eco-sustainability, has acquired a new splendor by fully expressing the passion, constancy, precision, tenacity and stubbornness that each dress reveals. A healthy working environment which, to date, has created a collection with love, determination, style and creativity, conquering the plus size women’s universe.